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We've been busy converting a couple of dairy farms into hop farms because we love beer more than milk.

The development of Battery Hill commenced in 2018 and within three years we had planted 115ha of hops ready for the 2021 harvest. The farm is extremely picturesque with over 30 gardens uniquely situated on rugged and undulating terrain, its a hop farm like no other!

The Blue Rock development commenced in 2021 to convert an additional 200ha of dairy land into hops just across the Wangapeka River from Battery Hill. In summer we welcome the many keen anglers from around the world to this magnificent location that produces epic trout & hops.

Battery Hill Riwaka Hops Spring Snow.jpg


We're dedicated to growing the best hops possible. Our commitment to sustainable farming practices ensures that our hops are grown, harvested and processed to industry best practice standards to meet the expectations of the brewers and consumers. We're proud to be part of the Tasman community and strive to provide the highest quality hops to the world through Clayton Hops operating New Zealand’s flagship hop pelletising, packaging and cool store facility.

If you have a passion for craft beers like us, or just want to have a different kind horticultural experience, then come and give hops a try. Reach out to us about working the seasons. Hop Harvests are great way to end the summer season on the farms for Kiwis and travelers exploring rural NZ.

Kiln Dried Motueka Hops


We believe that the best hops come from the best farming practices. We're committed to sustainable farming practices that promote healthy soil, clean water, and a healthy environment.


Each harvest we produce a large amount of green matter from the processing of the hops which we turn into an organic compost to spread back into our gardens to improve the organic integrity of the soils.

Our commitment to protecting our environment works hand in hand to ensure that our hops are the highest  quality produced.

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