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  • Do you hire overseas workers?
    We can only hire people with valid NZ work permits and visas issued from Immigration NZ.
  • Are you a Recognized Seasonal Employer (RSE)?
    Yes. We can only hire people from Fiji, Kiribati, Nauru, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu & Vanuatu. If you are not from these countries you can not be employed here.
  • What accommodation is available on the farms?
    We have a range of accommodation types based on farm with availability through out the year. We have shared dormitory style farm houses, camp facilities for caravans, tents and campers with powered sites, kitchens, hot showers and toilets along with two new 20 person accommodation blocks.
  • How far from town are you?
    We're a 15 minute rive from Tapawera where there is a local four square, service station, cafe and hotel. From larger centers like Motueka & Nelson we're closer to an hours drive so when you get here you can settle in work and save all those hard earned dollars for the next leg of your travels.
  • When is work available on the farm and what are the peak times for seasonal staff?
    We've got plenty to do between February & November then at our quietest during the growing season in summer from December until harvest while the hops do the hard yards. Our peak employment periods are as follows: Hop Stringing: August & September Hop Training: Mid October until end of November. Hop Harvest: Mid February until late March ...... party time!
  • How can I apply for work?
    Click on our contact page or email an inquiry to
  • When is the hop harvest?
    We have some early season varieties and start to pick our hops anytime from the 20th of February and finish up around the 25th of March.
  • What hours do you work at harvest?
    We run a day & night shift on each farm each for around 11 hours. We work 6 days a week but can be weather dependent.
  • Are there tractor driving jobs?
    On each farm we have a number of tractor operators for night and day. There are 3 main roles, 1 - the bottom cutter which cuts hops at knee height 2 - the top cutter which cuts from the top and drops hops into trailers 3 - tractors that drive to and from the sheds to empty loads.
  • What jobs apart from driving do you have at harvest?
    In the picker shed we have teams of people to hang the hops onto the hooks and clear the floors of hops to allow access for the next tractors and this is the physical part of harvest for those that like a work out! Once the hops are processed through our picker they enter the kiln room for drying so we have a small team in the kiln to help mange this important process, so if you like a sauna, you'll enjoy it in here.
  • Do you provide meals at harvest?
    Yes we provide can provide an evening meal along with 'refreshments' each day of harvest. Its a great way to end the shift the long shifts so you can get back the accommodation for some R&R. A spit roast, burgers or curry night....the jury is out on which is the favorite, but the curry night is up there!
Blue Rock Nelson Sauvin
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